Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Wes and I often talk about how spoiled we are to have a bevy of family and friends nearby who are quite frankly at our beck and call when we need a babysitter.

I recently finished a semester of Making it Count presentations and would like to take this opportunity to express some long overdue words of gratitude and praise. I would never have been able to take this job on were it not for a group of fabulous people who willingly and faithfully looked after our little cherub. At times the mornings were early, some days were long, but I know Griffin was well-loved and cared for. Would you join me in celebrating some of my personal heroes?

'Mama' and 'Papa Ehret

'Mama' and 'Papa' Doug (aka 'Gug')

Aunt Tami

'Shisha' and Uncle Ryan

'Mar' and 'Papa Nick' (our landlords/surrogate grandparents)

My friend Tonya (Mommy of Daniel/aka Doon Doon)


Jeremy said...

We are VERY blessed as well to be surrounded with family who, if we made them, would pay us to watch our little guy.

Lula! said...

Very sweet, Kaley. And this is why, when I'm asked who my nicest friend is, I always say, "Kaley Faline," because you are my hero.

We love us some Griffin...

Infarrantly Creative said...

Never underestimate living close to family. That is priceless, especially with wee ones.