Thursday, October 9, 2008

One month old! (plus a couple weeks)

Six weeks ago tonight, I was feverishly keeping track of contractions and hoping that this was the real deal. And yep, it sure was...check out the proof:

I'm planning on trying really, really hard to keep track of milestones with the same passion that I did with my firstborn child. So, in an effort to keep myself accountable, I've decided to blog about Lincoln's monthly growth. That way, you can yell at me if I haven't blogged about him in a while. (As you can see, I'm already running late...) Here goes:

Month 1:
Wow, Lincoln, it is hard to believe that you are already a month old! So far, you have been such an easy baby--let's keep that up, ok? Here are a few memories from your first month of life:

*It's been so fun to watch Griffin with you, Lincoln. He loves you soo much! He runs to you every time you cry and tries to make it better with your binky. He tries to reassure you by saying, "It's Ok, Lincoln." (It took him a while to realize that your name wasn't Baby Bob--but he's caught on now!) Every time he catches you spitting up, he says, "Oh, Buddy!" (I think he got that from Mommy...) And when you are crying in the car, he sings "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to try to calm you down. Sometimes we have to help him slow down and help him be more gentle with you--but it's just because he gets so excited when you are around!

*You went to your first concert this month. (Mommy and Daddy like to get our kids 'cultured' young.) It was our youth group's kick-off event with the Proxy, Nevertheless, and Flyleaf. We didn't take your gentle eardrums into the actual concert, however--just right outside the doors. You seemed to enjoy it.

*Right before you turned one month old, you started giving us the biggest smiles. I couldn't believe it! We loooove to watch you smile. You are a very happy kid.

*You are one loud sleeper! After one sleepless night, Mommy and Daddy got smart and moved you right outside the door, where we couldn't hear you as well. We also discovered that you sleep better in your carseat. You've had a stuffy nose for a while, so it seemed to help with your congestion too. Now, you usually only wake us up around 3 am and 6:30 am--and that's good with me!

*Everyone says you look like someone different. For a while, it was your Uncle Ryan. Then they thought you looked more like an Ehret. Then, several people at church said you look like Papa Hill. Recently, more people have been saying you look like Griffin. I've decided that when your eyes are closed you look more like a Hill and when they are open, you look more like an Ehret. I guess we'll have to wait and see!

It is hard for me to believe how fast the time is flying already. I'm doing my best to enjoy every minute--even the 3 am ones. But, I also can't wait to watch you grow. We have so much to look forward to. I love that we get to watch another little life grow before our very eyes.

We love you, little Lincoln! (or Winkin, as Griffin says it)


Partyhouse 4 God said...

I was very fearful of not keeping up with my other 3 kids like I did with Remington. I came up with a plan to put a traditional scrapbook calendar on my fridge that was decorated and ready to go into the scrapbook and then when things happened, I just wrote on that date on the page. As soon as the month was up, I put it in the album with pictures taken that month behind it. I also have heard of people do digital scrapbooks that way as well. This time around, I am having friends put the pages together for me with their name at the bottom to pass some of their love to our new baby in December. Just thought you would like to know what you couz doez. =)

ian said...

haha, love it! This reminded me of when we first got my sister home. Good times.

Partyhouse 4 God said...

Have you heard how Natalie is doing?? Isn't she due soon?? November of sometime? How are you doing? I thought it was harder going from 1-2 than from 2-3 so I remember those crazy days. I am about to go back to the 1-2 since my big helpers are going to be in school and Hope is just excited to throw her dirty diaper away when she doesn't want it and has learned to escape from the house(glad we have acreage so I can get to her before she hits the road). I hope all is going well and you are getting more sleep. See ya Couz!