Saturday, February 16, 2008

Love is in the Air

Valentine's Day was especially fun this year since Griffin started to understand a little better. We enjoyed giving him a little extra lovin'...which isn't especially hard with this kid.

Here he is opening his Pooh card from Mommy and Daddy. He loves 'mail'.

This year Griffin 'made' (with a little help from Mommy) his first Valentine's for his friends. We used special Valentine's baggies and placed a little container of play-dough and a sheet of heart stickers in them. Then we took them to church where I had a MOPS (mother of pre-schoolers) get-together and passed them out. I love this's his courtesy smile.

And finally, Daddy decided that Griffin needed a Buzz Lightyear for Valentine's Day this year. (Mommy agreed. A friend brought her son over this week with his Buzz and Griffin loved it.)

So, what did Wes and I do for our romantic celebration, you ask? Well, when we first got married, we decided we would take turns planning Valentine's Day. This year was my year. I decided on Theo's. Before you picture an upscale, elegant dining experience, check out the web-site. It's actually a southern-style, greasy dining experience...and it's Wes's favorite. He introduced me to it and to be honest, I love it too. We got our usual...sweet and sassy wings (YUM!), sweet potato fries, baked beans, and corn bread. And to top it all off, they gave us a HUGE piece of chocolate cake for free for Valentine's Day.

Oh, and did I mention that there was NO wait? It was us and two other tables in the whole restaurant. Top that all you Olive Garden goers.


Leigh Anne said...

I can feel the love all the way over here. You rock on with your Theo's--and be sure to take us there next time we visit. We love nothing better than a greasy spoon.

Caroline just watched Toy Story for the first time this past weekend--so now she & Griffin will have something more to talk about. FUN!!!!

ryan said...

That Buzz Lightyear is pretty cool! I've had fun playing with it since Griffin left it at our house on Saturday (which I'm sure he's noticed by now).

Leigh Anne said...

New post, please. I need my Ehret fix, and fast!!! I know you have lots to tell all, please! XOXO

Anca and Eric said...

Where's Theo's around here? I bet I can find it on their website :) Duh...
Eric and I need a new place to hang out during our dates.
Thank you, Griffin for the Valentine's gift. Isaiah LOVED it. He made me make basketball hoops out of the Play Dough. Later on when I wasn't paying attention he stuck all the stickers on our new floor. It took me ONLY 45 minutes to peel them off, those stickers were quite good quality. Isaiah had such a blast playing with your gift it was all worth it:)
Thank you again, and we love you guys.
Let's have a play date really soon.

cheryl mango said...

oh my gosh, i can't believe you said that. i LOVE theo's! it's been ages, and am SO happy it's still there!!!