Wednesday, February 20, 2008


It happens without fail. Every year, around this time, I get an intense craving. And this one isn't pregnancy-related. It's an overwhelming desire to see this:


I've been able to satisfy that craving by taking trips for many of the past 10 or 12 years. In college, I traveled to Florida over Spring Break for 3 out of my 4 years there. Then while in Korea, travel was so inexpensive that my friends and I would just hop aboard a plane any time we had a break and head to such places as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Australia, to name a few. And for the past several years, it seems that there's always been a reason to head south during the late winter months.

Last year, it was a trip to Gatlinburg, TN in early April to visit my college girlfriends and their hubbies. Oh man, was that fun.

We also made a stop in Lynchburg, VA to visit my brother at Liberty University.

*See us squinting? That would be because of SUN. Oh how I miss that beautiful word.

So it hit me the other day. Why not plan a trip down south? After all, my life is probably more flexible right now as a stay at home mom with only one child than it will be for a very long time.

So the scheming has begun. I've started whispering the words road trip in my sisters' ears. I've been counting up my MyPoints points to see how much free gas it could get me. (I've been saving them up for about four years, so it's probably about time to spend some!) I've been thinking about which friends we could visit along the way. (All you southern friends might want to keep your eye on your doorstep toward the end of may find me there!)

So, what do you all think? Should we do it?


Sarah Pomerleau said...

I definitely say go for it...and do it NOW! You are right in assuming that this time of your life as a mom with one would be a good time to GO and have a great time! I just must confess two things. 1) I will be a bit jealous because I would love a trip right now...and 2) I'm a little bummed that I'm in the North... but I definitely undertand the draw of SUN!!

Leigh Anne said...

Yes, Yes, Yes--a trip, please. Come my way and/or take me with!!!!! I mean, I'm kinda south--the mountains are still a bit chilly in April (hello--our trip last year!), but it's warmer than New York! But seriously...we can talk Beckie into heading this way and we can all meet up. Would your sister(s) mind? I'm scheming, too.
(not to leave Sarah and Kelley out--but they have new babies, so you know...)

And hooray for the new post. Now you've got me longing for flip-flops and capris. Woo-woo!!!

ryan said...

Kaley, you're out of control! But I completely understand your urges. I'm thinking about road trips myself. Before last year, I spent the two previous spring-breaks in West Palm Beach and the year before that in Europe!

And seeing as the NYC trip doesn't look so likely... :(

Anca and Eric said...

Yes, definitely. Why not, life is short and I do agree...without SUN it's even shorter. If we didn't have family we would not live around here. Have fun, and PLEASE take me with you :)

megan said...

blog? so you're one of those now, huh? heck...i don't even understand the what a weird one. pregnant?? how did this happen..or should i say...when?? :) and i agree with ryan, you are definatley out of control! (j/k) sun? jamo wants to move to where it is always warm. he was just in north captiva for "business". haha! anyway, gotta go. that's why i can stand these things. when do people have time to...BLOG? love you and congratulations! --meg

megan said...
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Susan said...

Please plan on stopping in Charlotte on your roadtrip - we'll have room at the lake :)