Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Photo Shoots, Belly Pics, and Mother's Day

It's been a busy few days, so I thought I'd just throw up some pics for your viewing pleasure.

These pics are from a trip to the park with Griffin. (Someday I'll write a post dedicated solely to this park...it's one of the hidden treasures of Whitney Point, NY, and one of my favorite places in the world.) We had our own little photo shoot. You should have heard me directing him.
Work it, Griff!
Hug that tree.

Let's see a little 'cute action'.

Next, we have the promised belly pic. I made Wes take this at 11:00 one night just for you, my friends. Thus, my tired smile. Hope you enjoy.

And finally, Mother's Day. I could definitely dedicate an entire post to the details of my pampering by Wes and family. My husband deserves kudos for all of his hard work, not only spoiling me but also planning gifts for both Grandmas as well as our landlord, Mary Beth (who Griffin affectionately calls Grandma Mar.) I told him I'm already stressed over how I'm going to match his efforts for Father's Day.

Instead, I'll simply leave you with this picture of three generations of Moms. That's my mom next to me, then my Dad's Mom, and my sister, Tami.


Lula! said...

Aw. I love your belly. And the other 3 of you, too.

KochisCorner said...

Hot mamas...that's for sure!!!
You belly is too adorable, and what's a pregnant lady running after a toddler all day without a tired smile?