Friday, September 26, 2008


what you'd hear if you had bugged our house over the past several weeks

Griffin, please take your feet off of Lincoln's head.

Griffin, please don't throw peanut butter sandwiches at your brother. That's nice that you were trying to feed him, but he only drinks milk right now.

Griffin, please stop trying to close Lincoln's eyes during prayer.

Griffin, you really should not try to pick Lincoln up by his ankles.

Griffin, please take that newspaper off of Lincoln's face.

what you'd see:

a little boy who loves his brother verrrrrry much,
who runs to check on him whenever he hears him cry,
who kisses and hugs him multiple times a day,
who sings a medley of songs to him to help him sleep, namely:
Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle, Twinkle Wittle Sar,
and Shot through the Heart by Bon Jovi (his father is responsible for the latter),
who loves to help mommy change his diaper,
who can't wait for his brother to grow and play with him!

(his mommy is pretty excited about that too.)


Partyhouse 4 God said...

I hope Hope will be that way with her little baby. Right now, she is very jelous of mom and won't let any of the siblings come near me. I hope this will change to the attitude that your oldest has with Lincoln.

Braden/Cayman said...

Kaley, this was so hysterical! Brad and I were cracking up! It is so much funnier in retrospec, don't you think? Too funny!!!! Oh, and just wait until Griffin starts singing his Daddy's song nice and loud at the grocery store, repeated times, for everyone to enjoy!

Beckie Farrant, said...

I love the shot to the heart, I knew Wes had good taste.

Anonymous said...

Jared and I laughed so hard at these - especially the one about not closing Lincoln's eyes during prayer! Love it! Also love that Griffin knows a Bon Jovi song and a good one at that!
Joshua is more into Vanilla Ice!!!