Thursday, November 6, 2008

haaaaappy birthday, deeeeaaaar kaley....

yesterday was my birthday and here is how i celebrated.

what does this say about me?

*in preparation for the day, i went here and signed up for every possible birthday freebie i could find.

* my chosen method of relaxation during the day was climbing into bed with a hot cup of coffee and a big stack of coupons to clip.

*scored a free magazine subscription online.

*when i opened my card from my husband, there was a cvs extrabuck inside and several cvs coupons. and this made me very happy.

*to celebrate, we went shopping at old navy where they are having great deals and i used a $10 off coupon old navy had sent me for my birthday.

*then, i headed over to bath and body works and got about $20 worth of stuff for $3.

*we finished off the evening at cold stone creamery enjoying my free birthday bowl of peanut buttery yumminess. (oh, wes has a birthday in november too, so he got a free bowl as well. we did break down and buy griffin his own bowl, however...cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears. it's a wonder he ever went to sleep last night.)

oh...and i did find a few minutes of peace and quiet for this and my current read: was a good day.


livingpalm said...

lovely...makes me wish my birthday was closer. ; )
what's your current read?

(any luck with the shoes? i found the recpt. btw)

Partyhouse 4 God said...

Happy b-day cousin!! Sounds like you had a great day!

Infarrantly Creative, said...

Ummm how did you get the free Family Fun, that is what I want to know! I do have it free also but I could use a renewal :-)

Briggs said...

I didn't realize that our birthdays are so close - mine is on the 6th! I had hoped to celebrate with the birth of Josiah but I guess he wants his own special day! I'm jealous about the Cold Stone freebie as our store closed about a year ago!
Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great day!