Saturday, November 29, 2008

Run a 5K. Check.

Well, not really a 5k. It was actually an 8k, but I think that works.

About a week after this post about my adventure list, my brother-in-law Tim called and asked if we wanted to come to Buffalo for Thanksgiving. And then, on a side-note, he added that if we did, he and I could run an 8k on Thanksgiving Day together.

Well, how could I say no? Afterall, I could get points for two things: getting back into an exercise routine and running a race...numbers 3 and 5 on my list.

And so I did. I started off well with the training, but toward the end, I changed my training strategy: I didn't. That way my muscles wouldn't be sore. Made sense to me.

So, on Thanksgiving morn, we joined over 10,000 people running the streets of Buffalo. We were surrounded by people in a variety of costumes, including a flock of flamingos and a 19 person turkey. And although the turkey train finished before us, I was happy with our finish time considering my aforementioned training strategy...and did I mention I just had a baby?

By the way, this is a great way to justify stuffing your face later on in the day...not that I've ever needed a reason.


livingpalm said...

I think we need to have our DNA tested -- to make sure we came from the same parents. : )
I'm proud of you!

Susan said...

Kaley - you are a much better woman than I! You are awesome!!!

KochisCorner said... great. I was still recovering 3 months after having my baby, and you're running marathons?!!! Way to go...
And we will definitely take the points. We need them :)

casterline said...

WOW! I am sooooo impressed!