Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Things About Me

Sorry, but I am totally cheating with this post. I just did one of those '25 Things About Me' lists on facebook that everybody is doing. In an effort to multi-task, I thought I would just share the list with you as well.

For those of you who already saw this on facebook--sorry. I changed a couple of them to keep things interesting.

Here goes:

1) If I could be anything when I grow up, I would have a hard time choosing between a television talk show host and a star on a sit-com (preferably 'Everybody Loves Raymond').

2) I have been to South Korea, North Korea, Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Hawaii (that's a foreign country in my eyes!), Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, the Bahamas, and Mexico and Canada, of course. My favorite was Australia. I would still like to go to Africa one day.

3) I eat Frosted Mini Wheats just about every morning.

4) If I could get away with it, I would also serve Frosted Mini Wheats for dinner. I am not a fan of cooking.

5) My husband and I dated for four months and were engaged for four months. That would be 8 months total.

6) One of the qualities I admire the most is the ability to communicate well while thinking on one's feet. I would love to be able to do that better.

7) Two of my goals in life are to go on another cruise and to learn how to raise one eyebrow.

8) The highest compliment that you can pay me is to tell me that I am funny.

9) I love coffee. Particularly Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla coffee. With Cream and Sugar. Please.

10) I love that my husband watches American Idol and Dr. Phil with me.

11) I am a dreamer, by nature. My constant dreaming often gets in the way of my hearing. I wish it were not so.

12) I just realized that I misspelled the word 'disciplined' in my facebook post. This is one of my greatest fears. (see #16)

13) I love that both of my boys have blue eyes although no one in my immediate family does. Thank you, Grandpa Hill and the Ehret family.

14) I have run a half-marathon. I hope to do so again and finish with a better time. In the meantime, I plan on training for a 10-miler in the spring. I think.

15) I am constantly amazed as I watch my husband be a dad. He is one of the most fun, crazy, and loving dads I have ever met.

16) I was in the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee in Washington, DC in 1990.

17) I go back and forth between wishing I was more simple and wishing I was more complex.

18) I am fascinated by people and learning what makes them tick.

19) Becoming a mom has taught me to work hard to live in the moment.

20) I learn best by processing my thoughts with someone. I am grateful for the many people who have helped me work through specific struggles and discoveries.

21) I think two of the best sounds in the world are the giggles of my two boys.

22) I hate shopping, but cvs, walgreens, and rite aid have changed my life.

23) I enjoy being in the spotlight in a controlled setting, which is evidenced by my last three jobs (teacher, abstinence education presenter, and making it count speaker).

24) I like to think that I can dance. I think I learned my skills from my dad.

25) I am most happy when I am with my family.

26) BONUS: I wrote most of this in my head while up in the night with my 5 month old son.


Natalie Briggs said...

You seriously crack me up - therefore you are funny! So wish we lived closer so we could hang out.

natalie said...

forgot to say "Oh yea" to the frosted mini wheats. I really like the new blueberry ones or plain frosted ones with chocolate milk!!!

Trina said...

#26 - that's when I do some of my best composing, as well.