Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Because deals sometimes show up on Tuesdays...

I'm so glad you all are enjoying Money-saving Monday!

But now, I have a predicament. I just found some GREAT free magazines, but it's only Tuesday. Let's see...shall we call it Thrifty Tuesday?

And here they are:

Get a free 2-year subscription to Parents magazine here. (This is a great gift for expecting moms.)

Get a free subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine here. (Hurry! I've heard this one goes fast!)

And check out this free subscription to Woman's Day magazine here.

Thanks to Angela for help in finding these deals!


livingpalm said...

how about "Tightwad Tuesday"? : )

tonya said...

i went for parents and martha stewart. Thanks kaley!!

Trina said...

thanks! I love Martha Stewart!