Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh boy...

Remind me never to use you all as a lifeline if I ever get on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" 'cuz 57% of you were WRONG!

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!

For sure.

And here he is!
Apparently, Ehret men will continue to rule the world.

This morning I was up bright and early with butterflies in my stomach thinking about the events of the day. Here's what I journaled:
Trying to read. Pray. So distracted. TODAY we find out if we are having a boy or a girl! I wish there were some way to prepare myself for this news. Hmmm...

(In an effort to do so, I wrote two letters--one for a son, the other for a daughter.)

Here is my letter to our little boy:
Little Boy,
I dream of life with you,
Reliving the joy of all that little boys love to do:
running, jumping, climbing, laughing, hide n seeking, wrestling with Daddy,
and this time, learning lots of tricks from your big brother,
(the best hiding spots, building big block towers, just to knock them down,
jumping from the top step into Daddy's arms, giving BIG kisses to Mommy, throwing
a football really far, singing 'Cwinkle, Cwinkle Little Star', and bringing joy to all you meet--
just to name a few.)
Anticipating future firsts we have yet to experience:
riding the bus with your big brother on your first day of school, learning
to ride a bike, blow bubbles, whistle, your times tables, first Little League games.
What will your favorite book be? Movie? Kind of music?
Who will your first crush, first girlfriend, first kiss, first heartache be?
Oh boy, I'm already tearing up thinking about your first day of college.
I know you'll hope to fill your Daddy's shoes and make him proud.
And you will.
We will love you forever,
Little Boy.


Braden & Cayman said...

Oh dear, Kaley.... that letter KILLED me!! Congrats! I can remain on your lifeline list, seeing as I was in the small group that predicted a boy!!! Congrats again!!!

Ben & Hillari said...

So exciting! Congrats!!! Excited to see the little man! I am sure he will be as cute as his big brother!!

livingpalm said...

we have decided you could name him "Logan Thomas" or "Logan Douglas" since Gracie doesn't sound too masculine. :)
(of course, you are permitted to name your son anything you like, but since WE won't know until his birthday we'll be calling him Logan which is way nicer than Corky!)

Infarrantly Creative said...

Ok I think in celebration we need another picture of that belly!

Briggs said...

Yeah for boys!!! And I must add that both of the Briggs voted for a boy! I only checked this blog a hundred times yesterday waiting to find out!!! Congrats! Just think you'll get a second round on those clothes that Griffin wore that are practically brand new.

Lula! said...

So I was wrong. But God was (is, always) right. CONGRATS!!! Another Ehret son for Libbey to fawn over. Precious. I love his picture, too...he is way gorgeous.

Now I gotta go wipe my tears and snot...'cause yeah, your letter made me weepy. I LOVE YOU. And the other 3 Ehret boys, too.
p.s. Dude--you're even keeping his name a secret from your sister? You are HARDCORE, Faline.

Anonymous said...

yes i agree! you should tell your sister and then your sister could tell her kids!
did my mom tell you that logan was andrew's idea and thomas and douglas was mine!!!!
but i cant wait to see how griffin plays with him and teaches him! im sooooo excited!
congrats! thats awsome!!!!!


Sarah Pomerleau said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! ANd I was right in my shot at the poll... but again, I don't really know much different.