Monday, April 21, 2008

signs of spring

It's official. Spring is my faaaaavorite season. Probably for the same reason that Christmas Eve is my favorite part of Christmas. It's all the fun plus the anticipation of more to come!

Over the past several days, we've celebrated several first rites of spring. Here are a few highlights:

Griffin's first picnic of the season with his buddy Daniel.

After a cook-out with our friends, Dan and Tonya, we
all headed out for our first ice cream store run.
It was yummy. It was messy. It was awesome.
I'm an avid supporter of our local ice cream stores.

A little moon-gazing with Daddy.

A picnic with Aunt 'Shisha' and Uncle Ryan at the
park where Daddy plays softball. (Aunt Shisha's gonna
love me for posting this pic. That's a strawberry, by the way.)

We also got up early on Saturday morning and hopped in the car for our first yard sale run of the season. The pickings were slim this early, but I'm definitely getting my haul-finding groove on.

Stay tuned. Lots more sunny, out-doorsy, flowery, smiley pics to come!!!!

1 comment:

Lula! said...

Hooray for Spring!!! And Griffin's looking like quite the little man...sigh...

I planted a few pots of geraniums yesterday and literally REJOICED at having my hands in the dirt. Now I just gotta have a picnic. You and Griffin come on down & we'll get the party started!