Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On the road again...

This past weekend, I hit the road for a couple of road trips.

The first was an overnight work trip to Jamestown, NY from Thursday to Friday. I definitely consider these overnight stays to be a perk of my job. This time, I went all by myself (cue the music as I burst into song...Allllll by Myseeeeelf...) I love my family more than words can express, but I am able to show this love to them much more readily when I get some alone time occasionally.

So, I cranked the music and sang a mix of classic rock, oldies Newsboys, and Tim McGraw at the top of my lungs during my four hour road trip. Upon arriving, I found directions to the closest Applebee's, purchased my road trip staple: mouth-watering Buffalo Chicken Salad (thanks to Tami for introducing me to this delight), and then discovered a nearby boat launch right on a lake. Then, as the sun set, I sat at a picnic table, devouring my dinner, while I enjoyed my latest read: John Grisham's "The Testament". Good stuff.

After my presentation on Friday morning (during which the school went into lockdown because of a bomb threat and I was told that I would not be able to leave--until a teacher graciously obtained permission for me to do so), I drove home and immediately met up with Wes and Griffin so that we could head off to Lancaster, PA to visit Wes's high school friend Peter and his wife and three kids.

If you have never been to Lancaster, it's a trip worth taking, especially this time of year. The trees were in full bloom and the fields are green and endless. There is also a sense that you have ventured into another time and place as you cross paths with the Amish and Mennonites, a people who appear unaffected by the changing of times.

Couldn't resist this hot of a horse and carriage at a Benefit Auction that we attended.

We spent the entire day outside on Saturday. Love this shot of Wes and Griffin
after an intense game of tag at the local playground.

That evening, we roasted hot dogs and s'mores over a campfire.
(This is the closest pic I have to a belly shot...more to come soon.)
Did a little outlet shopping at the Hershey outlets on our way home.
And a little outlet picture taking. Loved the flowers.

And that's the latest on the Ehret family happenings. Hope to have an update soon on our journey with Wes's job. In the meantime, we're kind of having a lot of fun!


KochisCorner said...

Don't you love family getaways, even if for a weekend?
We were thinking of going somewhere, but now that the doc said I measure 35 weeks, we decided it will be better to wait. Maybe at the end of the summer:)

Lula! said...

Hooray for by-yourself-time. A definite must. Hooray for the family trip to PA. Hooray for flowers and Amish and cook-outs. Hooray for the Ehrets!

Now, after all that cheering, I gotta let you know...you are DEAD MEAT for putting Eric Carmen in my head. I'll be singing "Allllll byyyy myseeeeeelf...don't wanna be...alllll byyyyy myseeeeelf...anymore." UGH!!!! :)