Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It's official. I'm ready. I got my hair done today. That was the last thing on my list of things to do before birthing our son. Bring this baby on.

We also checked another big item off our list last night. Griffin slept in a BIG BOY bed for the very first time.

Only a few tears were shed. Most of them by me. =)

So, now we wait. I've been wondering. When do you all think the big day will be? My brother asked Griffin to point to a calendar tonight to see when he thought the baby would be born, and he pointed to tomorrow. Sounds good to me!

How about you? What do you think? Leave me some comment love with your best guess.


Anonymous said...

I personally think Sept. 1, Labor Day would be the most fitting! So hang in there 'til Monday!
Natalie ( ;

Braden/Cayman said...

I am going to go with Saturday... just got with my gut!!! Love the big boy bed, and was thinking about you yesterday, hoping you were able to get beautified! (Do I win something if I am correct...that might make me put a little more consideration into the guess... maybe some phone calls to the doctor, etc!)

Nancy said...

I vote for tonight. If not tonight, I'll take tomorrow. If tomorrow doesn't work, then maybe tomorrow evening, which would be preferable to Saturday....though Saturday is preferable to Sunday. If he doesn't show up on Sunday, there's always Monday... Oh, dear, am I letting my impatience show?

I will close with some profound brotherly advice I heard Ryan give you the other evening: Concentrate, Kaley!

Love, Mom