Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Milestones tend to make me a bit sappy and sentimental. Consider that your warning.

Griffin turns three tomorrow. I find myself stealing glances of him throughout the day, trying to soak in the last few moments of his life as a two year old. My emotions mix between welcoming his future and straining to hold onto his past.

I wish I could make a time capsule of all that makes Griffin uniquely himself as an almost three year old. So I will document my best effort in this post.


I was completely unprepared for the changes that you would bring to life when you entered our world almost three years ago. But then is it really possible to prepare for sleepless nights and a complete upheaval of life as we knew it? Guess not.

But, mostly I was unprepared for this great big, huge, immense, giant ball of love that began to grow in my heart for this little life that appeared in our world one afternoon in August, 2005.

And now you are almost three. A big part of me would like to put life on hold and keep you almost three forever. But then there is the even bigger part that can't wait to watch your life unfold and see what you become. Wow. I love that thought.

So, in an effort to hold onto a piece of your life as a two year old, I've attempted to think of the three best words to describe you at this point in time.

Active. Your very first question when I get you out of bed in the morning is, "Is Daddy here?" It is quickly followed up by, "Where are we going?" You love to go, go, go.

So much of who you are is wrapped up in this word. You can't wait to ask new questions, make new friends, spend time with the people you love, help with the gardening, sing at the top of your lungs or wrestle with Daddy. There are definitely days that I don't know if I can keep up with you for another minute.

Observant. Those who know you best often comment, "He doesn't miss a thing, does he?" You often surprise us with what you observe.

You demonstrated this the other day when Papa Nick (our landlord) was over at the house. You pointed out to him that you had a shirt with a pocket just like he did. You then hurried away looking for something. A couple minutes later, you returned with a pencil and a piece of paper stuffed inside your pocket. You've noticed that Papa Nick always carries a notepad and a pencil in his pocket and you wanted to be just like him. I think Papa Nick was about ready to burst as he watched you imitate him.

(I'm quite sure this quality may be something that your wife will appreciate someday.)

Outgoing. A couple of weeks ago, we were in Florida and were about to head down to the hotel swimming pool. As we headed out the door, you said with great enthusiasm, "My friends are down there, Mommy!" You had never met them before, but you were quite confident that anyone you came into contact with would quickly become your friend.

And to be honest, this is usually the case. You are drawn to people and they, in turn, are drawn to you. I think this must have something to do with how well-loved you are by so many people.

That is only the start. There are so many more words to describe you, Griffin: happy, helpful, inquisitive, funny, and strong-willed (very strong-willed) are just a few.

And now, in just a few short weeks, you will be a big brother. I can't wait to watch you fill this role. I know you will love it.

And so, Happy Third Birthday, Griffin Wesley Ehret. Your daddy and I love you more than we can say. You are the best thing we have ever done.



Braden/Cayman said...

Kaley, this is so beautiful! What a gift to be able to, in some small way, hold on to his toddler days, because, as I am sure you know, he will now be considered a pre-schooler!!! If you have found a way to look forward to what is to come rather than grieve what is being lost... I would love for you to share, as I am striving for that!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Griffin!!!
Three was a hard one for us too especially with a baby on the way - I mourned that it would never just be Jared, Joshua and I again.
I might just take this note and sub Joshua's name in and give it to him.

livingpalm said...

we love Griffin Wesley Ehret sooooo much and can't wait to come to his birthday party!!
(I love all these stories about Grif, but the one about Papa Nick is almost unbearable!)

Lula! said...

Oh, Kaley...
This made me cry. Can't believe he's already 3. Can't believe Caroline's almost 3. Where did the time go?

Anxiously awaiting the news of baby Ehret--and his NAME!!! We love y'all!

KochisCorner said...

Griffin, you are so blessed to have such great parents; someday you'll understand!!! Kaley, keep on writing...what a great legacy for your little ones. You have inspired me...I am terrible at writing (my brain doesn't work that way), but I am going to make a photo album instead :)