Saturday, August 23, 2008

No, he's not here yet.

Let's be real honest here. I could post all sorts of fun pics from the past few weeks highlighting the events that have taken place in my life from Griffin's Under the Sea birthday party to my family's week of day trips (which we've lovingly entitled the Hill Family Stay-cation) to the firstfruits of my little garden, etc.

But c'mon don't really care about that! You just stopped by to see if I had this baby yet, didn't you? I know how you are.

And I don't blame you. So let's make a deal. For today's post, I will give you the latest on this baby boy who's about to enter our world. And over the next week, if he chooses to continue to withhold his presence from us, I will share those pics and stories of the fun we've had over the past few weeks. Sound fair? I think so. And it will be a nice diversion for me to pass the time. I may need it.'s the latest:

He's not here yet, for starters. And to be honest, up until this past week I've been feeling so good that I've been wondering if I really was due in a couple weeks. But this week, I've been introduced to the world of pelvic floor pain as this baby's head finally decided to drop. Not exactly comfortable, but there is some comfort in knowing he is making his way in the right direction.

So, as of my doctor's appointment yesterday, I am 2-3 cm dialated. A welcome change from last week's appointment when there was no sign of anything. My doctor is a big fan of induction, so she made an appeal that I consider getting induced this next week. I was prepared for this and already had made my resolve that I would not consider this as an option. My brick wall started to crumble a bit as she made the process sound like a breeze the second time around, especially since I have already started to dialate. I would definitely like to hold out at least until my due date, though, and then we will see.

Oh, and as of last week, this kid's estimated weight was 8 lb. 4 oz. Another reason why induction may be in my future.

Until then, I have been keeping myself very busy. Having been gone so much lately, there were some pretty essential things that still needed to be done. My list of accomplishments over the past week:
Setting up the bassinet. Check.
Cleaning the car seat which had collected much dirt in our garage. Check.
Washing all the baby clothes and realizing many of them had stains and we needed more. Check.
Buying some new baby clothes. (Children's Place on had a great sale!) Check.
Cleaning like a mad woman. Check. (Wish this nesting thing continued after the pregnancy!)

I also need to give some props to friends and family who have loved on me lately, like my sister in law who, with true unconditional love, cut my toe nails for me while on vacation: husband who's about to paint my toe nails for me (although he doesn't know it yet...I'm cashing in on an offer he made a week ago...), my friend, Anca, who watched Griffin while I did a bunch of running around yesterday and made us a couple of meals (did I mention she has a two year old and a newborn?), and our friends, the Bruces, who are about to take Griffin to the Discovery Center while Wes and I go on one last date pre-child #2. YAY! Not to mention those who have called just to check up on me. I just feel grateful.

There have been moments of anxiety as well. I had a little breakdown last night as some of the stress of this time started to settle in. But, in all honesty, my emotions have behaved themselves pretty well this time around. I have yet to have a melt down in the middle of Target because the lady in the dressing room wouldn't let me mix and match the size of the pajamas I wanted to buy. Ahem. I guess I still have time though.

Ok. That's all for now. Stay tuned for the latest on "Wes and Kaley plus Two" (hmmm...doesn't quite have the same ring to it.)

Oh--I'm pretty sure our hospital has wi-fi, so hopefully we will bring you some pics very shortly after the birth!


livingpalm said...

we are so excited! honestly i was a little nervous bob would try to show up before i got to see john mayer. you can tell him that Aunt Tami's schedule is now clear and he can show up any time!!

Beckie Farrant said...

Can't wait! If I hadn't miscarried I would be big in this heat. NO THANK YOU. I will take 18 weeks right now. I find out the sex September 4. Stay tuned.

Partyhouse 4 God said...

Hey Cuz,
Boy has it been a while since we talked. I hope all goes well. Try to stay away from patocin- It's a killer (had it twice). Come visit it me sometime We are due on Christmas Eve so I know what you are going through. Love ya and talk to you later

Partyhouse 4 God said...

I hope all is going well! We are praying that you and the baby will be safe during delivery!

Partyhouse 4 God said...

Congrats on delivering early. I hope to see pics soon of your handsome prince. I love his name too!!! Now that you are a mother of two, remember to take a bit of time for yourself.