Thursday, March 6, 2008

happy thoughts

What is it about a little bit of sunshine and an iced caramel macchiato (decaf, of course) that fills my heart with such joy? The last week has been pretty dreary with being sick and MORE snow. So I thought I would celebrate my crossover into the bright side with a post full of today's happy thoughts.

*griffin didn't wake up until 8:30, which hasn't been the norm ever since we took his binkies away a couple weeks ago!
**made a quick stop at aldi's (cheap shopping always makes me happy). the flowers and the easter egg coloring kit made the trip extra fun.
***took griffin for his first SWIMMING LESSON at the ymca. he loved it. i did too. i wore my favorite maternity bathing suit, even though i really don't need to yet.
****did some more shopping. not usually my thing, but i found some of the cutest stuff. if you've never shopped at home goods, you should. it's just a happy place.
*****griffin's good buddy daniel (aka doon doon) is now here and they are doing pretty well at sharing.
******the house is full of the smell of fresh baked brownies which i made to celebrate my friend ellen's birthday who is coming over tonight with chinese take-out. general tso's chicken=happy.
*******and finally, this makes me happy. it's the stack of books that i pulled out of my old teaching box the other day. i plan on reading the whole thing.


Lula! said...

You are just a bright little ray of sunshine in my day. Send some brownies down here, please. :)

livingpalm said...

no more binkies for Griff!
you went shopping at Home Goods!
you made brownies!
you had a carmel machiato!
i LOVE that stack of could read them to me while i put my head down on my desk...i always liked that in school!
Griff is taking swimming lessons (did he see Corin, McKenzie or Zac??)

we must be sisters or've just described (close) to my favorite kind of day (minus the maternity bathing suit!)

Braden & Cayman said...

Happy thoughts!!! We are so glad you came to play! We had lots of fun!