Thursday, March 13, 2008

my great white hunter

I'm married to a man with a fascination with finding the sale. I, too, enjoy a bargain, but I typically let them come to me in their time, rather than hunting them down. Not Wes. He takes great delight in the hunt. I became aware of this passion shortly after we married, when he suggested that we get up early on a Saturday morning and go yard saling. The idea of giving up weekend sleep to go look at a pile of junk was not in the least enticing to me. (true confession: I'm counting the days until yard sale season now.)

Just recently, some interesting items started arriving in the mail with Wes's name on them.

First came this:

When I showed it to Wes that evening, you would have thought it was Christmas. You see, lately, he's taken up the 'free stuff hunt'. It all started when I told him about some web-sites with free stuff that he should check out. (I learned about them from my friend infarrantly creative who, without a doubt, is the queen-of-all-free-stuff.) After spending hours scouring the internet, these shampoo and conditioner samples were the first of his spoils.

Next came this:
I'll admit it...I enjoy this magazine. I guess you could say it's a guilty pleasure.

So, what could be next???

Yep. They're bladder control liners. Hmmm...

Well, today, I decided to join in the hunt. A friend of mine told me about a coupon book I could get at Walgreen's with all sorts of rebates. I mentioned it to Wes and the gleam in his eye told me that we would find a reason to travel the 25 minutes to divide and conquer our closest neighborhood pharmacy.

Sure enough, we did. Check out our haul.

(The baby bottle and balmex were a gift from the maternity
store where I bought my easter dress.)

[Now if we could just find a web-site for free houses.]


Lula! said...

I'd say Wes & Beckie together would be rather unstoppable, eh??? Free, free, makes me happy, and then I can mourn the price of gas just a little less. A little...not much, though.

Infarrantly Creative said...

Wes- awesome! I am impressed. That stuff pumps me up. I understand how the blood gets a-pumping when you get free stuff. I heart Walgreens. I do their rebates every month. IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOO FUN!

Briggs said...

You guys are too funny. It's probably a result of living in a colder climate! I'm a little jealous about the Poise collection! Hope we'll get to see y'all sometime this summer.

livingpalm said...

cute! : )
ps. who gets the Poise??
pps. thanks for sharing the O mag with me.