Tuesday, March 18, 2008

mini road trip

So, we didn't head south.

In fact, we drove due north,

Where the snow and the cold are still in full force.

And it was a work trip for me.

But we still managed to squeeze in some late night snacking,

While watching a girl movie,

And, of course, plenty of good old-fashioned 'girl talk'.

Thanks, Tami and 'Shisha'!
-from me and G
[who is supposed to be sleeping right now,
but instead is singing a song about Applebee's--I wonder why?]


Lula! said...

South...south...that's where you meant to go, right????

ryan said...

I would like to hear Griffin's Applebee's song sometime...

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog. I agree with "Lula". Boy, am I behind! I knew her as Leigh Ann. Anyway, we're open for your trip south, but not until mid May. Paul and I are in Columbus, GA, but will be gone from April 13 until May 13 on a cross country trip. We'll be "car camping" (driving to a state park, hauling out a tent, setting up camp and leaving the next day), staying in a timeshare, and seeing God's beautiful creation. About a year and a half ago we drove to New Mexico. This time it's California. The kids loved it last time. We have one more this time, but are sure we'll have a great time again. Want to come south after May 13? Don't have a blog, so I have to sign Anonymously.

Tracy Grubb said...

Hey, just found another way to sign! I'm new at this, and it's past my bedtime. :)