Monday, March 9, 2009

Money Saving Monday: The Cheap Date Edition

Wes and I have been wanting to go on a double date with my brother and his girlfriend for about 6 months now and this weekend, we finally made it happen. As we talked about what to do, I asked if I could find us some good clean cheap value-conscious entertainment. They humored me.

Aren't we cute?

So, we started the evening off at Arby's where we used this coupon to get a free roastburger with a drink purchase. Don't knock it until you've tried it...yummy. (Oh, this coupon expires today, but you can go here to sign up for another one.)

I thought it would have been fun to use this coupon to get our fries at Wendy's. But the coupon hasn't arrived in my inbox yet. Oh well--who needs all that trans-fat anyway?

Next, it was onto Barnes and Noble. I had a gift card to use here, plus this 10% off coupon. So I saved about $.30 on my caramel macchiato. Hey...every bit counts.

Then, we headed to Auntie Anne's--one of my favorite places on the planet--and used this Buy One Get One free coupon. Thankfully, the pretzel was much better than the customer service.

Our final stop was going to be a Redbox to score a free movie, but we opted to play a game instead. Which turned out to be fun because I won. I am a Triple Yahtzee Ninja.
Definitely a quality evening. Thanks for being such good sports, Ryan and Macia!

How about you? Been putting off going out because it costs too much? I think it's time for a night out. Let me give you some more ideas:

Sign up here for a free sammie (sandwich--in case you aren't a Quizno's aficionado) at Quizno's with the purchase of a side and a drink.

Sign up here to receive free Fazoli coupons with purchase. (One of my favorite college hang-outs--I miss that place!)

How about a trip to the ice cream shop? Go here for a Buy One Get One Free Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Sundae coupon. I would be all over this if we had a Baskin-Robbins. (Oh--and if I didn't give up ice cream for Lent.)

Do you have a Melting Pot nearby? Sign up here for the Melting Pot club and you'll receive a FREE chocolate fondue for two.

Wanna go to the movies without having to take out a loan to buy snacks? Here's a free large popcorn at any AMC theatre.

And no date is complete without a great soundtrack to complement the evening. How about a complete Jack Johnson album download for only $.99??!!! (Thanks, Tami!!!! Oh--and Happy Birthday!!)
Update: This album is no longer available for $.99. Sorry!

Have fun!


Lula! said...

I am currently working on an "Every Little Bit Counts" post, whereby I mention that I'm turning in to you. And Beckie.

I love it.

I love your double date, too. We had a double date on Saturday night. A semi-cheap meal at Five Guys (burgers and fries!) followed by a $100 shopping trip to Target, then seeing Watchmen.

Clearly I still have a lot to learn from you and Beckie. BUT...
I did get 6 church dresses for the girls at Target...all were $14.99 or cheaper. And you know me and my girls...6 dresses for less than $100 is a Very Big Deal. Usually just 2 of their dresses add up to $100.

We're in a recession.

Love you...

Macia said...

Kaley-We had an absolute blast. As you know, I've been raised quite accustomed to coupon clipping.

And thanks for telling me my hair looked good (I still disagree, but)

Rebecca R. said...

Hey, Kaley! Ran across your blog link via Facebook. My hubby and I just went for a "cheap" date, too. We also used the Arby's coupons, and then the Texas Roadhouse free appetizer coupon. I had used the Auntie Anne's coupon earlier when I did my errand running. I also have already been planning on trying to hit the Target deals among others when I go out. Great minds think alike! :-) Becky (Johnson)
elireeves at stny dot rr dot com