Monday, March 23, 2009

Money-Saving Monday: The Health and Beauty Edition

It's been interesting to see how the deals I find each week all seem to follow a certain pattern. This week, I'm gonna help you stay healthy, strong and beautiful for a looong time.
(← Ok, maybe not that long, but at least for a few weeks...)

1) Go here to find out how you can get up to $28.00 of Attune Probiotic Granola Bars for FREE.

2) If you know someone with diabetes, or if you simply like healthy cereal, or FREE cereal, check this out. Go here to print two $5/1 coupons per computer (hit the back button after it prints the first time.) You can also call 1-877-879-4857 (it's an automated call) to receive a free $5/1 coupon for Glucerna cereal. Most stores have this cereal for around $4.50 a box, so you should be able to get three FREE.

And...if you live near a Kroger (unfortunately, I do not), the word is that if you buy two boxes of this cereal at Kroger stores, a $2.50 off your next purchase coupon is printing. SCORE!
Tkanks, Money Saving Mom!

3) Herbal Essence has a new promotion out when you buy specially marked products, they will pay for a haircut for you. Go here to find out the scoop!
Thanks, Faithful Provisions!

4) Want some free mascara? The April issue of my favorite magazine, All You, has a coupon for a free Rimmel mascara, up to a $6.47 value. All You magazine is only carried in Walmart stores at a price of $2.24. So, you can buy one magazine and still get a great deal. OR you can find out how you can get a 2 year subscription for $19.95 $17.99 here. This magazine is loaded with coupons, so you can easily pay yourself back if you use them!

I should add that the mascara coupon says 'only in Walmart stores'. However, I took mine to Walgreen's and was able to use it because it is a manufacturer's coupon. Just to be safe, you may want to purchase it at Walmart though.

5) Finally, to finish off the 'healthy living' theme, I recommend heading to CVS and buying the following items:
  • 100 ct. CVS brand Vitamin D 400. It is priced at $2.99 and until the end of the month, you will get $2.99 in extrabucks back.
  • Crest Pro-Health Enamel Care. This week only, you pay $3.49 and will get $3.49 back in extrabucks. AND if you happened to save your coupons from last week, you can use the $1.00 off Crest coupon from the 3/15 Procter and Gamble insert. You'll pay only $2.49 and get 3.49 back!
  • Stay tuned for more information about how to become a CVSer. If you have not joined the CVS craze, I promise it's gonna change your life!

Happy Monday!

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Juliette said...

ok waking up with my coffee and the first photograph i see of the day is grannie doing her stretch, wow, this was quite amusing to me! thanks for all the deals & savings. I am definately checking them out!!