Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Secret is Out...or will be

Some of my best ideas come in the middle of the night.

Although my 7 month old continues to sleep well, my 3 year old still needs potty breaks in the wee hours occasionally. (I SOOOO did not mean that as a pun!)

So, last night as I lay in bed after putting him back to bed, I started thinking about this little secret of ours. Some of you have been asking about it. I've been trying to figure out how we should tell you.
Then it hit me. A CONTEST!! Why not have a little fun?

So, here's the scoop. (Oh...and speaking of scoops, if you live near a Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop, stop by TODAY--March 24--only with a non-perishable item and you can get a scoop for only $1!)

At some point in the next 7 days, I will write a post, outing our little secret.

If YOU are the first commenter on that post, I have a $5 Target gift card with your name on it.

Now, isn't that fun? Just keep coming back...maybe it will be YOU! (hint: if you want a bit of an edge in this contest, become a follower or subscribe to this blog!)

Besides, aren't you just dying to find out?! (And seriously, I'm not pregnant, folks...)


Jennifer said...

I totally thought that you were pregnant!!! What's the secret!?!? :)

frontrowseat said...

oo! ooo! pick me! pick me! i have a guess ... but that's not the game, is it? darn.

Anonymous said...

no fair I'm i the central time zone and those east coasters will have an advantage!!! I may not win the contest but if you don't out this secret soon you better start watching your back! ( :

Lindsay said...

Didn't you already tell me and my sister the "secret" or is it a different? If not then I totally win...plus I'm a poor college kid and need to $5 for dinner this week! come on you can't starve me!

ryan said...

I already know the secret, so I can't be in the contest... :)

Glenn Griffis said...

Is your secret that you are moving?

My Front Porch said...

natalie--the post could be any time of the day or night--no worries!

lindsay and ryan--it doesn't matter if you know the secret or not--you just have to be the first commenter (but no spilling the beans!)

glenn--you'll have to wait and see!